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Monica Obaga is a graphic designer and illustrator from Nairobi, Kenya, currently based in Washington, DC. Her journey into illustration was kicked into gear by an early interest in fashion design that blossomed into a fandom of all things design. Her individual style was developed in Los Angeles which had been her home in the last 7 years. Her work stems from a love of animation, particularly cartoon modern as well as folk styles seen in Kenya (and all over Africa) such as Kisii soapstone sculpture, Maasai beadwork, Kikuyu weaving, Swahili lesos and other media. The aesthetic result is a 2D, minimal, geometric and colorful approach.

She has experience being an in-house corporate graphic designer  as well as an illustrator specializing in digital design for web, mobile and social media, as well as print design of tote bags, business cards and portfolio books as well as large format prints including art boards, event banners and advertising posters. Her illustration begins with handdrawn sketches which are developed digitally in Adobe Illustrator.